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If you are an entrepreneur that wants to change the world of food, you have come to the right place.

During the Expo up to twelve teams with great ambitions will be invited to participate in a unique accelerator program, tightly integrated with the USA Pavilion and mentored by leading experts on food and tech. If you feel you are team of the right stuff and want to grasp this opportunity, please fill out the form below.




Basic Facts

  • The call for application is open to the entire world
  • The Accelerator welcomes up to twelve start-up teams, such as entrepreneurs or spin-offs from universities or corporate structures
  • The Accelerator runs a virtual bootstrapping in July and August and a physical accelerator in Milan during September
  • Successfully accelerated teams will be broadcasted to the world through the USA Pavilion system
  • The Accelerator is run from and located in Milan, Italy
  • Participation is free for selected teams
  • The accelerator will take no equity
  • Teams bear their own costs for travel and living
  • The program is an official USA Pavilion program, curated by AtelierSlice and partners
  • Leading figures from the worlds of food, tech and creativity as mentors
  • Participating teams will be exposed to the international investor community
  • All entrants, selected for participation or not, will be considered for communication through Feeding the Accelerator’s channels as interesting to watch (subject to consent and editorial approval)


  • Mar 28: Call for application opens
  • May 31: Call for application closes
  • Beg June: Selected companies notifiedgreenfly
  • June: Individual assessments/preparation
  • July 6: Virtual Accelerator Opens
  • Aug 31: Physical Accelerator Opens
  • Sep 29-30: Closing conference

Selection Criteria:

  • Highly capable team
  • Ground-breaking concept or assets
  • Significant X-factor (in team, idea, market or existing investors)
  • Existing traction (no power point companies)
  • International outlook
  • Can benefit from the Expo context to accelerate the business and technology
  • Potential for rapid impact without massive investments
  • Can re-locate the team or core parts of the team to Milan during the accelerator program

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