Urban Pastoral

We continue to feature our Feeding the Accelerator companies today with Urban Pastoral:


Many large urban centers need fresh supplies of produce right in their own areas in order to give residents the healthiest options possible, while also reducing pollution and transport. In other words, the distance between farm and fork needs to be eliminated, and one company in Baltimore, Maryland is working toward that goal.

Urban Pastoral is growing food in urban areas in shipping containers to allow fresh local food year-round. They are also developing Baltimore’s first hydroponic farm including vertical growing and rain catching techniques. They are trying to make a better impact on the environment. This process keeps nutritious foods in season year round and reduces environmental impact by eliminating long shipping distances. The main crops are kale, mixed greens, culinary herbs and hops. The food is grown for local restaurants, breweries, stores, hospitals, universities and the community. No pesticides.

This company uses environmentally friendly tech to grow nutritious food that can be used locally, reducing travel emissions. The idea is an excellent one that could work for many places around the world. For example, the shipping container option could feed areas in many climates and could be placed anywhere.

Urban Pastoral keeps up a very interesting blog to present what they are doing in the community and how their technology works. You can see the latest here – http://www.urbanpastoral.co/read-up/#read-up-1

Projects like this bring the local community together while increasing the health and well-being of all involved. We are excited to have them participating at Feeding the Accelerator.