The Food Tech Teams Selected to Be the Stars Revealed

The selected teams are now revealed! FeedingTheAccelerator kicked-off yesterday at a press conference at the USA Pavilion with the US Ambassador to Italy, John Phillips, present, alongside with a great crowd from the press and most of the selected companies.

In the afternoon, all teams convened either in person or through video conference to meet each other, the partners of FeedingThe Accelerator and a great number of guests at the Copernico, the Milan innovation hub that will host the innovation program.

“Feeding the Accelerator is one of the key initiatives in innovation taking place at EXPO and gives the world an opportunity to see American collaboration at work, as leaders in industry look to support the most innovative food and tech entrepreneurs. We believe the selected teams will play an essential role in uncovering the ideas and people needed to address the global challenge of feeding more than nine billion by 2050.” said Ambassador Douglas T. Hickey, USA Pavilion Commissioner General.

Technology plays a significant role in the food and beverage industry. Moreover, because food and beverage businesses are increasingly faced with endless price pressures and constantly squeezed supply chains, the need to maximize efficiencies has never been more pressing. Add to this the ever-increasing traceability requirements to comply with and it is not difficult to see why savvy food businesses are turning to software for help.

That being said, it is also no secret that getting food and beverage businesses in touch with the right types of software for their needs can be challenging. Consequently, it is important that software companies are able to sell their products and services to food and beverage businesses in the most efficient way via eCommerce platforms. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about how software companies can sell their products and services digitally, you can find plenty of helpful resources on the FastSpring website here:

The 10 startups selected to be part of the Feeding the Accelerator program are:

PNAT: new ways of farming through modular ?oating greenhouses which will allow for intensive cultivation water puri?cation using solar energy (Italy) –

MICROVITA: an alternative, sustainable animal feed which does not compete with human feeding through an ef?cient industrial system to convert organic by-products into protein feed for livestock using house?ies (Italy) –

ICE DREAMS: a revolutionary way to produce artisanal Italian gelato that substitutes traditional ingredients such as milk, eggs, and artificial additives, requiring only water (Italy) –

FOODTRACE: new tools for the wholesale marketplace to help farmers and artisans sell more ef?ciently to more informed and targeted buyers through a cloud-based software platform (US) –

COOKBOOTH: the future of the cookbook through an accessible self-publishing tool that will allow professional and amateur chefs alike document, share, and monetize their knowledge, experimentations, and techniques (UK/Spain)- Chefs looking to self-publish their writing and bring a book to market may want to do some research online about the writing process and the ways in which you might be able to polish your product and give it those all-important final touches. Finding a book editor for hire might be a good idea if you’re serious about creating a high-quality and professionally-written book.

KALULU: Develops shorter supply chains that connect farmers directly to local consumer, reducing carbon footprints, and increasing the involvement of farmers in their communities (Italy) –

URBAN PASTORAL: Develops collectives of integrated food and agricultural businesses, that understand food as a vehicle for social, economic, and environmental progress (US) –

GREENONYX: develops a smart-home appliance designed for urban settings which delivers “just picked fresh” super vegetables at a-press-of-a-button (Israel) – IGNITIA: provides a highly accurate location speci?c weather forecast technology which improves farmers’ everyday decision making in remote areas of West Africa by SMS (US/Sweden)-

MINTSCRAPS: an online platform that helps businesses throughout the food supply chain manage food waste with analytical data to help save thousands of dollars in monthly food purchasing and waste disposal costs (US) –