Today we talk about Pnat, one of the participants in Feeding the Accelerator.

Many areas are affected by lack of water or lack of good land space for farming. Climate change and scarcity of resources threatens sustainable farming.

Pnat is a company that is developing products to increase agricultural production in these types of areas. Some systems include the jellyfish barge – a floating agricultural greenhouse, and Re-Watering, a soil-less indoor system that one can have in their home to grow plants while recycling water and cleaning the air.

The jellyfish barge is a floating greenhouse that mimics natural process patterns. Pnat uses innovative methods on the barge to build relationships between natural and artificial environments. With a scarcity of cultivatable land in many places, the jellyfish barge can come in on the water without relying on soil, fresh water or chemical energy consumption. It purifies the water with solar energy and is very cheap and simple to put together (it uses wood and floats on recycled plastic drums). Read more about how it works here –

The Re-Watering system can grow in a kitchen garden, mainly with plants such as strawberries, mint, basil and lettuce. There is no need for pesticides because the plants of Re-Watering work on photosynthesis, which purifies the air. As a bonus, the relaxing sound of swishing water can put one in a calm mood.

This company is full of interesting technology geared toward solving ways to feed the world, especially in communities where it is difficult to farm because of the climate. The jellyfish barge and the Re-Watering system combine plants, research, science and creativity. These are all qualities that the world needs to move forward in sustainable food production for all.