It’s time to look at another one of our great Feeding the Accelerator participants! Today we feature MintScraps.

Food waste is a big issue in many western countries today. Many governments and organizations are trying to educate people about how to reduce our food waste. Food waste comes from uneaten food, expired food and damages in transportation or processing. The balance of the world is so uneven that we have many countries over-producing and wasting food while other countries starve. MintScraps is determined to find solutions to this problem.

MintScraps wants to empower restaurants to track and reduce their waste with their online technology. The MintScraps system uses a chart to record what is being wasted in a quick and easy manner. As food is thrown away, for example in a fast food restaurant, employees can identify the type of food weight and cost. With the data this device provides daily to an inbox, companies can see where they are wasting, while getting an idea of how much money they are losing and thus change their business practices.

Using the restaurant example once again, a company may notice over time that 75% of side salads are being thrown away. This may lead the company to reduce the waste of vegetables by not including salads with the meal, but to set a separate price for those who actually want it. Or perhaps when meals are served with rice, 60% are not consuming at least half. Perhaps the amount of rice on the plate should then be lowered so as not to waste food and lower ordering costs for the company at the same time.

The system is good because it does all the calculating quickly and easily without paperwork.

It is ridiculous that so much food that is grown (around 1/3) is wasted and uneaten. If companies have the information to change their business practices, they can lower their costs, lower food waste and increase productivity. This technology identifies and prevents avoidable waste.

If you’d like to read more about MintScraps as well as their blog, you can check out their website here: