Today we feature Microvita as our Feeding the Accelerator company of the day:

Microvita is a company with an interesting solution for both waste and animal protein. They take the simple age-old concept of the natural food cycle scaled and controlled on an industrial level.

As stated on their webpage: Flies feed on waste, fishes and chickens eat flies, humans eat fish and poultry. Microvita takes this natural model, using around 12 million houseflies, and runs it through highly automated bio-factories, turning it into 3 tons of protein meal daily. The factory’s chemical conversion plant has self-sufficient energy from the fuel made from organic waste.

The protein meal that comes out of the factory can be used in fish and poultry farming, where it is mixed with other ingredients for feed. This system does not rely on agricultural land and fish stocks, which makes animal farming more efficient with a lower impact on the environment.

Take a look at their biofactory model and more details on how the process works on their webpage: http://microvita2050.com/