Meet Kalulu, one of the companies participating in Feeding the Accelerator at the U.S. Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015.

Kalulu connects farmers with consumers by focusing on the environment.

The service they have created helps producers and consumers to achieve the shortest chain there is : from hands of the farmers to you.

Kalulu puts healthy and genuine products in your home, helps local producers to reach new customers, and reduces pollution due to transport.

With Kalulu’s service, you can receive the freshest food directly from farmers. You can choose the products that interest you and have your reports tailored to you and your area. Then you schedule your delivery time with the farmers and agree on the venue so that you can pick up your food directly. Not only do you get the freshest food possible, you get to know the people responsible for it. Knowing more about how food is grown and the actual people who grow it in the community creates a closer society.  You can also order with other groups, thus even further lowering costs and transportation pollution. When local prodcuers can bring healthy eating to their entire area, the economy and relationships in the community thrive. Take a look at what Kalulu is doing on their website: http://kalulu.it/