Today, Feeding the Accelerator features Ignitia’s forecast technology to help farmers.
Farming is often difficult in tropical regions like West Africa. The typical forecast technology in the tropics is about 39% accurate. Ignitia Tropical Weather forecasting delivers an average of 84% accuracy. Because weather affects every stage of a farming cycle, it is crucial that forecasts in these types of regions are accurate.

Ignitia’s technology produces better micro weather forecasts than anybody else due to advanced number crunching. Weather in the tropics occurs on a different scale from existing model practices. Ignitia’s forecast is based on proprietary algorithms developed over 15 years by its scientists. Over 2 rainy seasons during 2013 and 2014, the accuracy was 84% with Ignitia’s system.

The forecast is delivered to smallholders in West Africa through a cheap SMS solution in order to understand when to sow and fertilize. Warnings are given for heavy rains and dry spells as well as the beginning and end dates of the rainy season. Subscribers receive a daily 2-day forecast, a monthly outlook each month and a 6 month seasonal outlook twice in a season.

If you would like to read more about this great technology, visit Ignitia’s webpage at http://www.ignitia.se