Green Onyx

We start our overview of the companies participating in Feeding the Accelerator at the U.S. Pavilion today by featuring Green Onyx.

We have a huge problem in our world today supplying people with enough nutrition and opportunity for healthy foods. Many areas of the world are unable to grow a substantial amount of the necessary fruits and vegetables to keep their population healthy. Other areas are simply uneducated in what the body needs to live healthy.

Green Onyx is a company creating a superfood that can double its biomass in 48 hours with a nutritional benefit comparable to a combination of kale, spinach and broccoli. Plus, it comes through technology that both grows and distributes your food at the touch of a button. It all happens inside a machine that can be small for home use or set up in larger quantities for restaurants or bigger facilities. The food is Khai-Nam, a very fast growing, traditional, nutritious vegetable from the areas of Thailand, Burma and Laos. It’s also easy to blend with other foods, and as a bonus it helps clean the air.

The Green Onyx system is a simple way to get nutritious food to anyone and it can continue to grow over and over, thus being sustainable. This is a good solution for places with low nutritional options and no room, or not the right climate, to grow.

Check out the Green Onyx website at to learn more about this superfood and the technology created to make it an easy solution for everyone.