Feeding the Accelerator takes a look at the software company FoodTrace in today’s company feature:

FoodTrace is software and an app that works with re-organizing value chains in the food system. The Chicago-based company wants to help farmers and artisans to get their products to distributors in a simple and easy way.

FoodTrace streamlines the needs of food producers so they can connect easliy with the community, getting their food to local markets while it’s still fresh. The FoodTrace program has sharing tools to enable farmers and artisans to connect with other businesses and manage their strategy. The app matches farms, restaurants, artisans and distributors that have matching needs while also updating the user about food trends, pricing trends and better business strategy.

The communication system keeps all users up-to-date with each other so that needs and conversations are organized and users are connected to buyers and sellers in no time at all. There is also a report feature where the user can monitor product trends and their own business performance.

Their website states, “Our ambition is to help build thriving businesses and experiences in the food industry.” Read more about their mission and about their amazing software bringing communities and local food closer together at .