And finally we present Cookbooth, which rounds off the presentation of all of our Feeding the Accelerator participants.

We have many food sites that collect recipes from people all over the world, and while it’s extremely useful, sometimes it’s hard to communicate how exactly to prepare the food just by looking at a list. Cookbooth is a website where, in addition to recipes, you can upload photo recipes to show people how to prepare the things in which you are the expert!

Photo recipes are quite popular now on many blog sites, but this site brings a greatly growing collection of photo recipes together, divided by type.

This brings a personality to the food, while also bringing people together.

You can either look up these easy to follow photo recipes or submit your own!

Cookbooth uses food as a connector. Food and cooking are great ways to learn about others, to communicate and to share something. With today’s technology, people who are unable to visit so many different places can talk with people and connect from where they are, thus getting inspiration and possibly a new way to view their own culture while making connections and friends.

This company represents the idea of the World’s Fair as well as food tech by reaching out to people all over the world to promote understanding while using the internet and food as a platform to do it.

Check out how this recipe/photo community site works here –