The idea behind Feeding the Accelerator

What are we trying to do with Feeding the Accelerator? Attendees of the Seeds & Chips event preceding Expo 2015 had the opportunity to learn more about the ideas behind the program during the presentations and we would like to share them with you.


The accelerator is about changing the food system. The object of the Milan World Expo is to find solutions to enhance the lives of all people on the planet. We want to use technology and food to eliminate hunger and give sustainable growing methods to all regions. We want to reduce harsh environmental impact on our land and eliminate food waste, all while building stronger relationships in our communities and the world. Food brings people together and with the new technology available to us, we have the opportunity to connect to each other and improve the quality of our lives.

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In a presentation given at the Seeds & Chips event in March, Jan Åman, of Atelier Slice and Feeding the Accelerator, attempted to convey the urgency of the need to change how we grow and use food and how trends are now going back to local production and using every part of the animal or plant, rather than such large, impersonal industrialization.

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He pointed out that with the technology available to us today, we create closer connections where we are able to share ideas on growth, hunger and food security. The Internet also helps us to educate ourselves about the impact we have on the planet. We now have access to nutritional information and we are more educated about where our food comes from and what we consume, which leads to global awareness of the problems in our society as well as all of the wonderful ideas on solutions from around the world.

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The accelerator wants to bring together innovative companies working toward more sustainable, healthier and safer food production. At the moment, technology is one of the best tools we have in spreading the word and connecting. It helps us to come closer as a society, thus going back to a more local, fresh and community-oriented exchange of food and ideas.

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As Jan said in his presentation, Feeding the Accelerator is inviting the entire eco-system to develop and produce change. We aim to do this through knowledge programs, the accelerator and hackathons. The world is full of people with amazing ideas on food and agriculture which will change the world and our goal is to bring a few of those people to the world’s attention.

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