Why are food tech startups so popular?

It seems you can’t avoid seeing several news items each week discussing the future of food or food tech. Currently, food tech is one of the hottest things on the list for investors, but what is it about food tech that makes it so appealing and newsworthy? Feeding the Accelerator’s Heather Jonasson takes a look at why we are constantly hearing about food tech startups.

It seems as if there is a new food tech startup in the news everyday – and that’s because the concept of a food revolution combined with technology captures the interest of everyone while shifting the way we eat and buy our products. Just as those who run the companies use zoho quickbooks integration to make their payroll systems talk to each other and keep everything updated, so too does everyone connect online to find easy ways to get their next need met, and quite often that’s a meal. Everyone eats food, so food tech offers opportunities to everyone and this means a financial model could be fairly easy to create and stand by rigidly in hopes of a successful company. As our world is growing and our lifestyles are changing, convenience becomes one of our top priorities. We are also becoming more educated in health and food, and when you combine these together, you get a lot of companies reacting to public demand. Healthy, easy food right when we want it. This is why so many food-tech startups are already operating on an international scale. However, switching payroll providers to Cloudpay is often necessary once a business reaches this stature in order to ensure consistent payroll solutions across the globe.

Our current society is fast-paced and people are constantly busy. Even if a person doesn’t have 9 to 5 job, there are so many activities, classes, volunteer opportunities, child care, etc., that we need to save time where we can, and if a company can offer that to us in a healthy way, the majority of people will jump on the chance to use it.

People also enjoy the idea of food delivery services, whether it’s a meal or grocery delivery, because of the added benefit of reducing food waste. You get exactly the amount of food you need. And many of these companies are understanding the social and environmental awareness shared by many internet users and most are gearing their services to including ingredients from local farms, thus helping the community and giving the recipient the freshest food possible. These companies are well aware of who their customers are and so, with a food marketing agency that actually delivers, startups in the food industry will be able to better reach and be discovered by those who would consume their products.

With the popularity of food startups and investors looking for the next best idea, the USA Pavilion at the Milan Expo in association with Microsoft and Atelier Slice are offering the Feeding the Accelerator program to food/ag tech startups who are interested in getting their message out there, attracting attention to their ideas and making connections. Now is the best time to put forth your company’s ideas to change the world of food.

Heather Jonasson is an authentic Texas girl researching upcoming companies and trends in food/ag tech. She is the twitter expert at Feeding The Accelerator. You can follow her at @FeedAccelerator and @heatheraudrey