SmartPlates, forks and spoons

“I plan to be more nutritious because I don’t want my plate to be disappointed in me.” Feeding the Accelerator’s Heather Jonasson explores tableware food tech.


A kickstarter has been set up for SmartPlate, which is a plate connected to a phone app that weighs your food and identifies what you are eating with tiny cameras. Fitly, a grocery delivery chain, is behind the effort to mass-produce the SmartPlates. The idea is that the plate will be an easier way to monitor and track food intake.

But the SmartPlate isn’t the only example of your tableware trying to get you to eat better. The Aroma R-evolution Fork is a fork that sends out different aromas to change the taste of the food you are eating. Thus, you can use a butter scent to eat with your baked potato without putting butter on it. Or add a flavor to cauliflower like strawberry or vanilla.

Then there’s the HapiFork, which is an electronic fork that monitors your eating habits. My favorite feature is that the fork lights up and gives a small zap if it thinks you are eating too fast. My husband’s birthday is coming up and since I’m tired of constantly telling him to slow down with his eating (seriously, he finished a meal in 5 minutes and has to sit waiting for the rest of us), this is going on the birthday shopping list.

Spoons are also getting into the food tech action. Liftware creates a spoon with a stabilizing attachment so that people with hand tremors can feed themselves much more easily.

There are so many ways that our combining tech with our tableware can help us with nutrition and our eating experience, though the jury is still out on KFC’s proposed edible coffee cup. I wonder what my SmartPlate would have to say about that one.



Heather Jonasson is an authentic Texas girl who likes to please her cups, plates and silverware. She is the twitter expert at Feeding The Accelerator. You can follow her at @FeedAccelerator and @heatheraudrey