The Accelerator Featured in Food+Tech Connect!

This past week we were featured in Food+Tech Connect, which is one of the top connectors for the food tech sector. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be mentioned, as this is the place for all involved in the Food Tech business.

The article in the news section of Food+Tech Connect was of course about our Feeding the Accelerator project for the U.S. Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Milan, which kicks off in May. Through this program, new food tech startups can bring their ideas to the world forum, thus contributing attention to their own company while also using their projects to improve food and agriculture technology throughout our world and into the future.

The unique thing about the World’s Fair in Milan this year is that it’s the first World’s Fair to be entirely devoted to food! Our program is a 3-month program offering workshops, networking support, mentorship, hackathons and more to food tech startups.

Some companies have already been pre-selected from the recent Seeds&Chips conference. These are companies are , developers of a pocket nutritionist app, and MintScraps, an online platform that allows restaurants to track and monitor food waste.

Our curator, Johan Jörgensen states in the article, “ “Our ambition is to produce beacons for the future of food” and to “extend the notion of an accelerator into a larger ecosystem around food.”

We look forward to all the exiting applications and new ideas for food tech being developed. Don’t forget to apply here!