Robot chef

Do you hate to cook and have $15,000 to spend? Then Moley’s robot chef might be just the thing for you!


Last week, it was revealed that a company by the name of Moley had developed a “robot chef” or more specifically, robot arms to prepare your food. The movements of the robotic arms have been painstakingly modeled after Tim Andersen (BBC Top Chef winner 2011). Programmers have developed the arms to mimic Andersen’s movements as closely as possible in order to use the best methods to prepare food.

For a presentation to the public, the robot was programmed to prepare crab bisque, which it apparently did perfectly. The technology is still under development, but the company plans to have the robot make over 2,000 dishes.

This could certainly be interesting to some, but I imagine the ingredients would have to be bought and set up by a human. It would be interesting to know if this technology is connected to food storage and refrigeration units, where it would be able to obtain it’s own ingredients. Combine this with a food delivery service to stock the supplies and you may never have to enter your kitchen again.

Of course, this technology would mainly be useful for those who might have difficulty in the kitchen for some reason or another. It is doubtful it will ever replace human chefs, or parents with kids who like to lick the bowl after a nice batch of cookie dough has been mixed around.


Heather is an authentic Texas girl, and an excellent baker of brownies, but she wouldn’t mind having a robot chef to handle the rest. She is the twitter expert at FeedingThe Accelerator. You can follow her at @FeedAccelerator and @heatheraudrey