We have our first winners!

On Saturday 28th of April, Feeding the Accelerator was officially opened in Milan, at the food-tech conference Seeds & Chips. And we opened with two winners! After the initial presentation of the project, a pitch competition was held with 17 contestants from a range of countries; USA, Italy, France, Israel, Australia, Spain, Germany and the UK. The pitchers were given two minutes each after which a prominent jury, led by the Commissioner General for the USA Pavilion, Doug Hickey, were to announce a winner.

But they could not decide, so we got two winners: Um.ai and MintScraps

Both companies now automatically enter the Feeding the Accelerator review process at the semi final stage for being accepted into the business accelerator produced for the Expo. Thereby they are one step closer to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to being accelerated in the context of Expo Milano 2015, the largest gathering of food system experts and investors in history.

We congratulate them!

But we also congratulate all the other pitchers. The jury confessed to having a really hard time picking the best ones. We fully understand them!

The pitching competition gave us a taste for more. Please stay tuned for more information on when and where.



Tony Vu, CEO of Mintscraps, flanked by Commissioner General, Doug Hickey, and Seeds & Chips founder, Marco Gualtieri. The second winner, Eliseo Papa, CEO of Um.ai, unfortunately had to rush to an airplane right before the picture was taken.